We can produce a wide assortment of high quality wicker baskets.
These baskets are handmade by professional Basket weavers in
Poland using the highest quality wicker wood available.


Even the Neighbor's Cat Likes Our Baskets !!


AKE 09


AK 02 Basket


AK 08 Basket


AK 05 Basket

AK 03 Basket


AK 01 Basket


AK 07 Basket


Cat Carrier

AK 06 Basket


AK04 Basket


AKE 04


AK 09 Basket


We have many more designs and styles of basket available. We can also produce your own designs.
Please contact us for our complete catalog

Please contact us for Price List. Please indicate which items and quantities you are interested in.
All prices are EX-Logistics Center Hof, Germany.
Note: A 40' Container holds approx. 2,000 assorted size baskets.

AKTURA Import u. Export GmbH & Our Partner Factory